My Insurance Company is Trying To Kill Me……


Dear Health Insurance Company, My name is Nicole Yablun and I’m 36 years old and I have recently been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. My husband and I have been loyal customers that have always paid our bill on time. I’m writing you today to ask one simple question: why are you trying to kill me?? No, I assure you I’m not crazy and nor am I paranoid with aluminum foil over my windows trying to keep people from reading my thoughts. I’m just your average young women with cancer … [Read more...]

Daily Inspiration

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This poem is perfect. And since it says it all so well, then there is no need to embellish. Except to say that we found this wonderful image on a site that we both have fallen in love with. It is from The Silver Pen, which is a fantastic site from Hollye Jacobs, who is a breast cancer survivor and hilariously funny and inspirational women. … [Read more...]