My mother


Mother: a female parent: to give birth to: also: produce: to care for or protect like a mother. The word mother has always brought up a great deal of sadness for me. I have never had a typical relationship with my mother and until recently carried around a ton of guilt when it came to the thought of her. Christine P. Adams was a “beautiful disaster” as my BFF Kelly Clarkson would say. She could be captivating and free spirited one minute and deeply sad and withdrawn the next. My childhood was … [Read more...]

Getting Healthy


Sometimes in our lives we need something to jolt us awake, and empower us to change.  For me, this has been my best friends battle with metastatic breast cancer. We are the same age.  The truth is that I have gotten too busy, and too stressed to take care of myself. But, watching Nikki fight so hard to stay healthy made me realize that I had no excuse.  Taking care of my body, my health, and my well being needed to be something that I made a priority in my life. That is when the … [Read more...]

Letting People In


Hearing that you have cancer brings about all kinds of responses in people. The first time I was told I had cancer I went into a total trance and didn't wake until it was all over. In fact, I told very few people.  It was almost if “I don’t have to say it out load, than this isn't happening”.  I made my best friend swear she wouldn't tell anyone and I had a total moratorium on pictures.  No pictures were to be taken of me until my hair came back! I even went through my treatment as if it were … [Read more...]

Finding A New Passion


Working with homeless teenagers is my passion. The young men and women that I work with never cease to amaze me with their strength and resilience. I can honestly say that I learn something new every day from the young people I have the honor to work with. Although, lately I have found that doing the job I love so very much has become difficult due to my health. I have always said that if I’m unable to give 100% to the population I serve, or feel I’m becoming a burnt out cliché’ of a social … [Read more...]

Daily Inspiration


This week we will be sharing two new fantastic rants from Nikki, and a very long awaited post about our concert going adventure to see the Counting Crows. Thank you again! … [Read more...]

Ice Skating In Rockefeller Center


I have been putting together all the pictures and journaling about a week in New York ever since we got back. There have been moments when it feels all so personal and precious that I don't want to share the memory.....but, that is not what our site is about. Sharing our moments is what makes them real, and even more meaningful. Another thing that is incredibly important for us to share is that this trip would not have been possible without the generous support, and encouragement from our … [Read more...]

What We Did In New York City!


I am currently putting together all the pictures and videos of the trip.  I didn't realize we took over 300 pictures!  Needless to say, there are alot of fantastic stories to share, and we will be doing so all week.   Below, is the brief list of things that we were able to accomplish while we tackled New York.  But, in all honesty, our favorite moments were when we were walking around the city, and eating a ridiculous amount of great food and good wine.  It was a week of just enjoying each … [Read more...]

Back From New York!


We are back to reality after an incredible week in New York City. Such a beautiful whirlwind. We have a weeks worth of posts to tell you all about our travels, but for today we will start by sharing a mini video of our week. Thank you again for cheering us on! Your browser does not support the video tag … [Read more...]

Big Adventure News: NEW YORK CITY!


I am up very late, packing away.  You see, Nikki and I will be heading out on one of our first travel adventure! On Friday morning we will be heading to New York City for a whole week of mad cap mayhem.  On our list is Ice Skating in Rockefeller Center....and maybe even Central Park. Wandering around Chelsea, and eating our way through the village.  Visiting some friends, and having some time to just be together without the burden of work. Ironically, New York is both Nikki and my favorite … [Read more...]

Daily Inspiration


We hope that everyone has had an amazing first week of the New Year. Come next week, we have a very exciting announcement regarding our first MAJOR adventure! We are ridiculously excited. More posts to come! … [Read more...]