Our First Adventure

The first adventure was actually very simple. Although my first instinct was to jet her off to Europe, we both knew that our adventures had to start off small. All I knew was that our time together needed to be different, and that we needed to try and take advantage of new opportunities and expand our world. To be honest, I was quite frantic about it at first. I wanted to make the world appear at her doorstep. But, of course, Nikki would have none of my nonsense.
So, we settled on going to a show. Now, you must know that Nikki does not like musicals, which horrifies me since I am a Broadway fiend. Concerts and comedy shows have always been our middle ground. For the past five years, we have given each other concert tickets instead of presents and we have seen some amazing events. A show was the perfect start to our journey.
The show STOMP was the choice, and off we went to the theater. If you have ever heard of Stomp, than you know that it is a performance of dancers who create music on the most unexpected equipment They jump, pound, and beat on trash cans, plastic bins, paper, mops, and brooms with abandon. They are loud, passionate, funny, and filled with force. It was perfect. In truth, the loud, crazy, sensory experience was the best way to start our new adventures.
We left the show, and I can tell you right now that all we wanted to do was go home and bang on every pot in my kitchen! I have never looked at my mop the same way again.
The best part about that night was that is enforced our decision to make this happen. To go out of our box, and our comfort zone and truly start trying to experience new things. We had lived on our couch for too long.
I have gathered up afew samples of the show online, so you can experience that sensory overload that is STOMP.    Love, Christina 

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