My Insurance Company is Trying To Kill Me……

Dear Health Insurance Company,
My name is Nicole Yablun and I’m 36 years old and I have recently been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. My husband and I have been loyal customers that have always paid our bill on time. I’m writing you today to ask one simple question: why are you trying to kill me?? No, I assure you I’m not crazy and nor am I paranoid with aluminum foil over my windows trying to keep people from reading my thoughts. I’m just your average young women with cancer wondering why you will not approve a drug I need in order to stay alive. I know I’m being very dramatic, but when I go and try and pick up my prescription from the pharmacist and my insurance won’t cover it I can’t help but feel you would rather I drop dead. Here’s the thing, I’m not there to get birth control, antibiotics, or even pain killers I’m there to get the drugs I need to stay alive. We have all heard the statistic of 1 out of every 3 women will get breast cancer. Young women are getting hormonal breast cancer at an alarming rate. Unfortunately your assumption that that only older women are susceptible to this kind of cancer is the reason I have to fight for my drugs. Should I be angry with you or at the mindless drones that you employ? I understand that they are just doing their job, but at some point they need to look up from their computer screens and have a thought of their own. I beg you to wake up to the sad but true reality that more and more young women will be diagnosed with this type of cancer. Please don’t make them have to fight for the drugs they need to stay alive. So, I go back to my very simple question: why are you trying to kill me????
Nicole Yablun

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