I’m Back !!


I’m back!! And I bet some of you are wondering “where did she go”? Well, I wish I could say I was having tons of adventures, while that’s not totally untrue, I did have lots of fun traveling this summer with my husband. But, the real reason I had to check out for a while was due to antidepressants.

Now, I have not in any way been shy about my struggles with menopause. I have written at length about my hot flashes, weight gain, and all the other awesome side affects.

Until I found my savior drug I was desperate for anything that could control my hot flashes and keep me from appearing like a sweaty crack addict in public. This is where antidepressants come into play. My doctor prescribed them to me as a remedy to my epic hot flash situation. At first I thought, “this shit is not in my head, how dare you!!” He quickly explained (before I could continue my rant), that antidepressants affect the brains neurotransmitter chemical called serotonin, which is thought to have a role in regulating body heat. So I agreed and off I went with my new prescription.

Never having taking any kind of (SSRI’S) before I had no idea how it would make me feel. Lets just say that in the state I was in I didn’t care….as long as the hot flashes were gone. Little did I know I would become a total zombie. At first I was good, until it stopped working and the dosage was increased. That’s when I noticed I was walking around in a bubble with not one single worry in the entire world. I was a total shit show in my lack of appropriate physical and verbal responses in social situations. Not only was I feeling no pain I was unable to sit down and write a single thing. Me, the girl that has no problem sharing her feelings, didn’t have any feelings to share. I wondered if this is how serial killers feel, never mind that I watch way too much Criminal Minds.

This was when I knew I had a problem. I love the blog that Tina and I created. The Adventures of Jellybean and Beanhead will always be a wonderful outlet and source of hope for me. So when I was unable to write I knew it was time to find another way to control the evil hot flashes. Luckily, I did find my savior drug and have been relatively hot flash free. So, I’m back and I have a lot to say.

Tina and I have tons of adventures to go on and we hope you will all join us on our journey.

xox Nikki

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