22 Years of Friendship


We created this video in hopes that it will give a glimpse into our 22 years together as partners in crime! We have been through everything, and in truth, we have grown up together. We hope you enjoy following our site, and our journey. Do you have a photograph of your best friend? Please share with us!  xoxo Nicole and Christina  … [Read more...]

A Letter From The Past

Typing 101

A letter written in Typing 101 Class. This letter is such a perfect memory, and explains the start of our friendship. We were polar opposites, and yet brought out the best in eachother. We still do to this day. … … [Read more...]

Where It All Began


This was the first of many "Jellybean and Beanhead" doodles we would draw eachother during high school.  We still have two binders full of letters and cards we wrote eachother over the 22 years we have been friends. The nicknames have stuck, and seem to fit us quite well.  We were the dorks in high school, who found soul mates in eachother. … [Read more...]