The Breast Cancer Walk 2013

Check out our video of team jellybean and beanhead participating in the American Breast Cancer walk. It was a picture perfect day filled with inspiration and hope. Breast cancer month is still in full swing with lots of opportunities to get involved. We would love to hear how others are fighting to find a cure... … [Read more...]

I’m Back !!


I’m back!! And I bet some of you are wondering "where did she go"? Well, I wish I could say I was having tons of adventures, while that’s not totally untrue, I did have lots of fun traveling this summer with my husband. But, the real reason I had to check out for a while was due to antidepressants. Now, I have not in any way been shy about my struggles with menopause. I have written at length about my hot flashes, weight gain, and all the other awesome side affects. Until I found my savior … [Read more...]

To Support Group Or Not?


                                 Having cancer there has been a lot of things that have scared me, such as chemo, radiation, and surgery. But what really scared me was the thought of attending a support group. Now I know how funny that sounds considering all that I have listed, but you have to understand a few things about me in order for this to make any sense. First of all, I’m a social worker by trade and usually the one running a support group, not participating in one. Being the person … [Read more...]

The Different Ways We Deal With Cancer


I have found it very interesting to witness how different people react to having cancer. Some folks sail away on my favorite ship “denial”, while others become vegan eating, yoga touting enthusiasts. While many yet find hope and solace in religion (even if this spirituality has never been apart of their existence before). Even more interesting is the fact that in most cases when you hear you have cancer you go a little crazy…..I include myself in this last fact. The normal consensus becomes … [Read more...]

Our Next Summer Adventure to Chicago


Our next summer adventure took us to Chicago, Illinois. The Windy City is old world architecture mixed with modern skyscrapers surrounded by charming waterways. I totally fell in love with the L train, which roars on scaffolding above the city through out most of downtown. Its rich in history, incredibly clean and well kept up for a big bustling city. We stayed in a hotel in the downtown area so everything was either walking or a short ride on the L train. Our first day started with The … [Read more...]

Menopause Is a Bitch !!


Menopause is a bitch and I believe that any woman who states otherwise is lying. I have heard of these legendary women that go through menopause without a single symptom, but I believe they are like bigfoot or the lockness monster. Tales told to keep menopausal women thinking it is all in our heads. It started out with good old hot flashes, which, if you have never experienced one is like someone setting you on fire, and putting you out….. just to set you on fire again. It’s a very sadistic … [Read more...]

Getting Healthy


Sometimes in our lives we need something to jolt us awake, and empower us to change.  For me, this has been my best friends battle with metastatic breast cancer. We are the same age.  The truth is that I have gotten too busy, and too stressed to take care of myself. But, watching Nikki fight so hard to stay healthy made me realize that I had no excuse.  Taking care of my body, my health, and my well being needed to be something that I made a priority in my life. That is when the … [Read more...]

Daily Inspiration


This week we will be sharing two new fantastic rants from Nikki, and a very long awaited post about our concert going adventure to see the Counting Crows. Thank you again! … [Read more...]

What We Did In New York City!


I am currently putting together all the pictures and videos of the trip.  I didn't realize we took over 300 pictures!  Needless to say, there are alot of fantastic stories to share, and we will be doing so all week.   Below, is the brief list of things that we were able to accomplish while we tackled New York.  But, in all honesty, our favorite moments were when we were walking around the city, and eating a ridiculous amount of great food and good wine.  It was a week of just enjoying each … [Read more...]

Daily Inspiration


We hope that everyone has had an amazing first week of the New Year. Come next week, we have a very exciting announcement regarding our first MAJOR adventure! We are ridiculously excited. More posts to come! … [Read more...]