She is Back !!


One of the worst feelings is when you want to help your best friend, make her happy, heal her pain, calm her anger, and fix the bad.... and yet you can't do any of it.  You can't do a god damned thing. It becomes especially hard when said best friend zones out into the la la land of "I'm fine, nothing is wrong" and looks at you like your crazy.  There was a moment many months ago when I felt that a crazed bird flapping around wildly "but we must travel! Adventure! We need adventure!  You … [Read more...]

Getting Healthy


Sometimes in our lives we need something to jolt us awake, and empower us to change.  For me, this has been my best friends battle with metastatic breast cancer. We are the same age.  The truth is that I have gotten too busy, and too stressed to take care of myself. But, watching Nikki fight so hard to stay healthy made me realize that I had no excuse.  Taking care of my body, my health, and my well being needed to be something that I made a priority in my life. That is when the … [Read more...]