Our Trip To Boston For The World Series


What happens when a Charger fan spends a week in Boston going from one New England sporting event to another? Oh…. I forgot the best part it was in late October and I’m a California native who never dealt with actual weather. Surprisingly, nothing except the loss of feeling in my extremities and my total amazement of their complete devotion toward their teams. It goes far beyond putting on a jersey and hooting and hollering in front of the TV. These teams are a part of the community with … [Read more...]

The Breast Cancer Walk 2013

Check out our video of team jellybean and beanhead participating in the American Breast Cancer walk. It was a picture perfect day filled with inspiration and hope. Breast cancer month is still in full swing with lots of opportunities to get involved. We would love to hear how others are fighting to find a cure... … [Read more...]

New Adventure: Pink Concert


  If you don’t know this about me now you do, I kind of have a little obsession with Pink!!!  Not the color, but the singer. No need for restraining orders, I have no intention of becoming a stalker. I just have always found her to be a kick ass strong woman, and I know it sounds a little strange, but I really think if we met we would become friends. This past Sunday Christina and I accomplished one of our adventures and saw Pink in concert. I was sooo excited it could have been Christmas … [Read more...]

Our Next Summer Adventure to Chicago


Our next summer adventure took us to Chicago, Illinois. The Windy City is old world architecture mixed with modern skyscrapers surrounded by charming waterways. I totally fell in love with the L train, which roars on scaffolding above the city through out most of downtown. Its rich in history, incredibly clean and well kept up for a big bustling city. We stayed in a hotel in the downtown area so everything was either walking or a short ride on the L train. Our first day started with The … [Read more...]

First Trip of the Summer: BOSTON

downtown boston

This summer my husband and I have been vacationing fools. Our first adventure was to Boston, Massachusetts. This trip was totally spur of the moment. The thing you must understand is that I’m married to a masshole. For those of you that have never heard this term, it refers to people from Massachusetts that are completely consumed with Boston sports. They will not miss a Red Socks, Patriots, or Celtics game even if there life depended on it. They can be spotted in a crowed due to the intensity … [Read more...]

Ice Skating In Rockefeller Center


I have been putting together all the pictures and journaling about a week in New York ever since we got back. There have been moments when it feels all so personal and precious that I don't want to share the memory.....but, that is not what our site is about. Sharing our moments is what makes them real, and even more meaningful. Another thing that is incredibly important for us to share is that this trip would not have been possible without the generous support, and encouragement from our … [Read more...]

What We Did In New York City!


I am currently putting together all the pictures and videos of the trip.  I didn't realize we took over 300 pictures!  Needless to say, there are alot of fantastic stories to share, and we will be doing so all week.   Below, is the brief list of things that we were able to accomplish while we tackled New York.  But, in all honesty, our favorite moments were when we were walking around the city, and eating a ridiculous amount of great food and good wine.  It was a week of just enjoying each … [Read more...]

Back From New York!


We are back to reality after an incredible week in New York City. Such a beautiful whirlwind. We have a weeks worth of posts to tell you all about our travels, but for today we will start by sharing a mini video of our week. Thank you again for cheering us on! Your browser does not support the video tag … [Read more...]

Big Adventure News: NEW YORK CITY!


I am up very late, packing away.  You see, Nikki and I will be heading out on one of our first travel adventure! On Friday morning we will be heading to New York City for a whole week of mad cap mayhem.  On our list is Ice Skating in Rockefeller Center....and maybe even Central Park. Wandering around Chelsea, and eating our way through the village.  Visiting some friends, and having some time to just be together without the burden of work. Ironically, New York is both Nikki and my favorite … [Read more...]

New Adventure Entries!


We have received some great ideas for new adventures, and wanted to share some of our readers recommendations. These will be going on the list! Sandals - ALL exclusive resort go skinny dipping (Yikes!!) go on a road trip from ny to ca go into an airport and buy tickets for a random flight See a festival of lanterns Glass Beach in Ft. Bragg, CA Watch baby turtles hatch learn how to surf mardi gras in new orleans throw a dart at a map and go wherever it lands ride in first … [Read more...]